Executive Team – Bryan & Kara Huggins, Owners & Operators

376Huggins Pump Inc. started somewhat as a dream many years ago. Always striving to better himself and those around him, Bryan Huggins always knew that he wanted to create his own business. After raising their 3 kids and helping them start their own families, Bryan and his wife Kara took the first steps to creating Huggins Pump Inc. Bryan took his many years of management experience, time in the water supply field and other related skills and started to build his dream from the ground up. Anyone who has met Bryan for more than 5 minutes knows Bryan is one of the friendliest and straightforward individuals you could ever meet. Having made MANY friends and associates who have come to know and trust Bryan’s hard work ethic, attention to detail and faith driven principles, he felt he had a strong enough customer base from which to launch Huggins Pump Inc. As with anything built from the ground up, Huggins Pump Inc. provided enough challenges throughout the first couple of years. Finding their stride, Bryan and Kara have been steadily been building up their customer base throughout the central valley and surrounding mountain areas. Kara has been keeping on top of Huggins Pump Inc.’s daily needs of scheduling service calls, managing financials , tracking part supply needs & logistics.  Building up their resources, adding several employees and service trucks, Huggins Pump Inc. are driving themselves to provide their best and most reliable service possible. Huggins Pump Inc. would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with you.